18C, 25C Ass'y Printer Cable (short screw)

18C, 25C Ass'y Printer Cable (metal thumbscrew)

18C, 25C Molded Printer Cable

25C Molded Right, Left Angle Printer Cable

25C Molded Bi-Directional Printer Cable

6 Wires AT to HP Plotter Cable

DB15 Straight Through Cable

7 Wires AT to LaserJet Cable

RS-232 Serial Cable(Ass'y)

DB50 Extension Cable

RS-232 Serial Cable(Molded)

RS-449 DB37 Extension Cable

Mini Din 4Pin Extension Cable

AT/PS2 Keyboard Adaptor Cable,L:6

AT/PS2 Keyboard Adaptor

AT/PS2 Mouse Adaptor Cable,L:6

DB9 Extension Cable (Ass'y)

DB9 Extension Cable (Molded)

AT/PS2 Mouse Adaptor

AT/PS2 Mouse Adaptor Cable,l:6

HDB15 VGA Monitor Extension Cable(Ass'y)

HDB15 VGA Monitor Extension Cable (Molded)

HDB15 VGA Monitor Cable

CPU Swith Cable (VGA,Mouse,Keyboard),For AT

CPU Switch Cable (VGA,Mouse,keyboard),For PS2

CPU Swith Cable(VGA,Mouse,Keyboard),For PS2

13W3 Monitor Extension Cable

Centronic Extension Cable (Ass'y)